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17th-Sep-2012 06:08 pm - yuan wei jue xing - dream

back then when i was in sec. school, i love this song, but i don't know the tittle nor i know the singer, as i don't know eve a little chinese.. i just remember the chorus 'i will follow the dream with you' and there are two singer in the band.. few days ago, as i click some link on yt, i found the song.. i really felt happy.. just same as mukodono 2001.. i remember watching a jdrama where there's a teen liking his teacher who's older, turn out to be aiba.. i watch a video in yt of kamiki ryunosuke crying while saying he's not a girl, i glad i searched it out of curiosity.. (i was almost scream when i found it) i dont even know it was aiba drama i used to like.. the feeling of founding something old that you like and you don't even think you'll have chance to see it again is precious..  even it's a small thing.. =)
20th-Oct-2011 09:28 pm - Shi Zai Bi Xing
liking the song

and bii look like oguri shun in this video..
17th-Aug-2011 10:56 pm - missing eito
missing kanjani8

being busy this few days.. from last week.. until next week.. (usually I have many free time).. huhu.. have no time to download new video.. ohh... I miss my eito ranger so much.. can't wait for my holiday... I want to download new k8 videos and watch it...
26th-Jul-2011 08:45 pm - hina's drama
 ikiteru dake de nankurunai sa..

yatta! eito is going to be appear together in a drama.. I'm so glad to hear this.. 8uppers in nice.. hopefully this is nice too.. hopefully it will have a good storyline.. ahh~~ looking forward to this!! 

p/s: it must be greater if there's uchi inside... hmm~~
19th-Jul-2011 12:02 am(no subject)
david tao

just know, i listen to radio.. and there's a nice song.. (though it's in chinese and i can't really understand it).. but later I found out that it's david tao zhe's song.. i listen to his song in youtube.. most of it is nice to hear.. just.. kinda happy.. hehe ^^

this is one of his song..   ~regular friend~

18th-Jul-2011 05:02 pm(no subject)
fuuhh~ luckiky i found an easy way to use google dns.. not good at it.. now can open megaupload & upload je again.. feel relieved... hopefully there no problem again later.. 
1st-Jul-2011 12:10 pm(no subject)
few days ago, some file sharing web sites in this country had been block.. including megaupload.. I'm shocked with gov decision.. and quite sad.. but i will learn to bypass it.. hopefully i will able to learn it... there are a lot of je video i still not download.. especially scp k8 =(
11th-Jun-2011 09:18 am - Osaka ga suki

I have been exposed to Osaka recently.. starting from K8, kansai Jr, a post in a blog saying how great people in Osaka and also in youtube.. Actually not so much but it's enough to make me feel going to Osaka to feel the environment myself.. The people are kind, funny, friendly though I heard they are a bit rough? And I like their slang too..

 Ah.. this is a video of Osaka people.. they are hilarious.. I like their funny responds.. So interesting.. =) 
p/s: of coz i still love tokyo and other district of jpnese..  i like jpnese basically
24th-May-2011 11:40 am - ShuLuLup - Monday Kiz
 My current favourite korean song..


This is Shu Lu Lup from Monday Kiz.. Nice song.. I like the melody... This song stuck in my head..
23rd-May-2011 09:13 pm(no subject)
 ikemen desu ne

I just figure out that there is remake of korean drama 'You're beautiful'. I really looking forward to watch it.. I like the korean version.. hopefully, the japanese version will be as good as korean one.. beside, hikaru, tamamori and taisuke will lead the drama... oh.. can't wait to watch it...
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